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Latest Message: 7 months, 4 weeks ago
  • Toadfish996 : Oh maybe I spoke too soon.
  • Toadfish996 : LOL DreamHost updated the site and it still works. haa haa haa!
  • Toadfish996 : Looks like the mysql server was overloaded for some reason.
  • Toadfish996 : I'm so close to being successful...
  • Afterglow : There's a few new cartoons... Enjoy! update
  • Brother Cuzzen : everyone is on facebook i imagine
  • Toadfish996 : This site needs a proper burial...
  • Darlica : I'm sure you made them smile and laugh BC the same way you've done for the rest of us.
  • Brother Cuzzen : I think of Bart and Pieces every time i login here or there . I believe it has been the reason i have posted so little in here the past two years . I found myself choking up far too often whenever i saw her avatar or reread some of her posts , she revealed so much of herself in here that she became more than family to me . I hope i made her ( and Bart ) laugh often , i don't imagine i will ever forget them.
  • anthrobabe : Thinking about Black Bart just now. I think I miss the fool.
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